Electric mobility in public and private transport, developing an efficient transport and parking system that promotes complementarity.
The card and the MOBISMART® APP that allows you to charge the electric car in Portugal and Spain, use the bicycle for shared use and take the bus or the metro.

Our mission


Improve the situation of traffic and parking, solving problems of urban mobility in the country, offering people resources so that portability between different modes of transport is more available and operational.

Smart Cities

MOBISMART® is fully aligned with the challenges of Smart Cities, with intelligent management solutions for electric vehicles, parking, bicycle and scooter sharing and public transport. It monitors all online activity from any mobile device and plans the use of resources in a more sustainable way.

Bike Sharing

With the concept of sharing and sustainability associated with active mobility, with benefits in people’s quality of life, the idea of ​​an automatic bicycle sharing system arose. This innovative system with unique characteristics worldwide is characterized by being a system that aggregates the largest number of bicycles, per linear meter, thus preserving an aesthetic harmony with the city.

Can my EV chargers be used?

MOBISMART® services for communicating and managing EV chargers support multiple versions of the OCPP protocol. All chargers compatible with this protocol that allow the reading of the RFID card can be integrated into a network managed by MOBISMART®.

Smart Parking

The MOBISMART® Smart Parking solution allows centralized parking management intelligently by integrating vehicle detection sensors, communication gateway, information panels, payment kiosks, mobile application and an efficient parking management system.


Electric Vehicle Charging

MOBISMART® actively manages electrical charging, making it possible to profit from Infrastructure and Operation costs. Automatically receive individual energy expense reports by condominium with postpaid cards or opt for prepaid cards with minimal administrative effort. Choose an easy-to-use solution that adds value to your activity and allows you to optimize resources with the least risk.


Fleets of electric vehicles

MOBISMART® enables the intelligent management of electric charging, balancing the various sources of energy available with charging policies appropriate to the needs of your company, as well as the role of the driver and the vehicle fleet.
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